Any update on alliance errors

Team info still shows inactive for the majority of members. Counts not working on assists either.


We’re working on a fix for this. Sorry for the bad intel in the meantime. The daily alliance quest history is probably the most useful indicator of activity right now, along with war and raid scores.

Thank you!

0nce you all do get this fixed, it’ll be the exact tool i’ve been looking for to keep our clan/alliance strong.

I almost kicked 2 players when it was 1st launched n then I noticed it had changed my status from active w/ 51 assists to inactive (w/ 0 assists) after just playing a series of battles.

I’m also hoping when donations are reset, it resets for all players at the same time vs what it’s been doing for months, resetting a number of players on one day and then others on another day, etc. Can’t get a good picture of who’s really donating consistently w/ this intel.

Thank you for developing a fun game.

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This is a known issue. Search “tech locked” and you’ll get lots of discussion since the last update. They are working on it but to fix Apple has to approve the update and that takes days sometimes.

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