Any plan for surpluss epics and legends?


Since we can’t donate those, it would be nice to do something with them. Feels bad when you get a legend you no longer need. And yes, I realize this is a problem for a minority of people, lol.


Hi @CrispyLardon. For sure this remains on our radar. As you mentioned, it’s an important topic but one which is currently niche for a small part of the population. We’ll keep bumping up the priority of this project as more people end up nearing this situation :stuck_out_tongue:

To be clear, I don’t mean that in a flippant way — it’s clearly a problem and should be fixed. But we need to prioritize the use of our development resources towards the things we believe have the biggest impact to the broadest set of players possible.

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It would be kind of neat if you can’t get the ones you have maxed out anymore. But I guess that could get a little out of hand.


For sure at some point in the future we’ll figure out some reason that these duplicates will be very valuable :slight_smile:

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