Any news regarding an Android release?


Diamond que times are way too long, we need more players

Takes over 5 min to get battles for high level players

Hi @CrispyLardon ! Thanks for the feedback & question.

A few things:

First of all, let me thank you for supporting our game and congratulate you on reaching Diamond Rank. It’s not easy.

Re: matchmaking queue-times. I want to make it clear that the development team is acutely aware that queue times are very long… and we agree it’s a major problem! I appreciate that you appreciate that the core problem is “if we could get more players into the game then the queue times would go down!”. I personally have already told everyone I know to go play the game (I post it on facebook, text people and tell random people on the bus to install the game). We’d obviously appreciate it if all of our rabid players do the same! Getting back to the point, we are actively talking about how to deal with this problem – it certainly hurts the fun of the game sitting in a matchmaking queue for an indeterminate amount of time. Your feedback is super valid and we’re trying our best to figure out how to deal with this.

Re: android specifically. We’re actively working on an android release. For sure we have goals and deadlines internally, but I really don’t think I should provide a specific ETA because I don’t want to publicly commit to a date and then end up being wrong. What I will say is: As I type this, a team of geniuses sitting near me is coding away on this. They are super motivated to release a high quality android build into the world as quickly as possible.


Awesome, thanks! That’s good to hear.

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