Any news on android

Is it still coming soon?

Hi @EggFart

Unfortunately the news is “It’s going to be a long time.” I wish I could say it will be sooner, but based on the feedback we’re seeing, we’ve shifted a good chunk of our engineers who could be working on android to focus on things like matchmaking, connectivity, app stability, etc.

I feel like more players will help fix match making

It always confuses me when games don’t honor the customer acquisition phase and jump the financial gun so to speak by not releasing their game to the entire market. This game desperately needs more people and right now it seems like it’s only focusing on keeping those of us paying here for as long as they can until we too lose interest and then they make their new money machine. That’s the problem when they don’t see a tangible future for their game passed the two year mark. If this game went balls to the wall and made things super customer friendly, interesting alliance events and donation incentives to produce teamwork and dedication towards something more than just getting three boxes a few times a day. I love this game but I really would like to hear that there is a road map to this beyond where it’s at right now, I feel like I’m in a new relationship with a hot chick but she just wants me because I’m in med school and have money and as soon as she finds the next money making scheme, y’all will close shop and we’ll all be left heartbroken at that street light in the pouring rain :sob: don’t break my achy break heart my guys lol

you need better interns

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