Any heads up on the upcoming season?

Just asking for a friend …

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Nope :-1:t4:

Nope, no service for us. Don’t mind having us to continue spending diamonds in event though😂 Shop also updated to the correct event pack, no problem having us spend, but offers nothing in return😂. No dust system removal, no new seasonal units update note, no communication, etc etc etc etc


Is the game death? No upcoming info from devs , season closed and we stil are able to earn phoenix token but for what i should trade them …

LOL. You got to love the customer service.

If you’re confused you must have missed the memo. This game is dead.


Sure seems like it. They bravely ran away, did S7 and their parent company.

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ManaStrike is a good game try that one been playing it and it’s pretty good


Which one? :joy:

Magic ManaStrike try it you will like it trust me

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