Any feedback on this week's Frenzy Event?


How do people feel about this week’s Frenzy event? It’s had some updates since last time it ran.

Any bugs?

Opinions on the balance?

What’s the best deck or strategy? What’s the best commander?


Fun event, especially since I’m doing pretty well in it :wink:

To critique it constructively, I understand the reasoning behind featuring tech 1 and 2 units. But I am finding that out leaves a lot more matches where one or both players run out of cards and you end up watching the finale play out helplessly. It might be interesting to include some more tech 3 units and see what happens when some players try to upgrade in time to use them while others try and forego them and make do with lower tech units.

I’m using Kuro to pretty good effect. His energy blasts are good defense against swarms of small units. Have my toughest games against Nash and Val. Haven’t seen many Giga players. Some good use of Roxie.