Another event that Val is op in

Was hoping this new commander format would improve the events and limit the overpowering capabilities of Val and her stupid bots… yet sadly, at least for this first event since the adjustment, Val yet again has the upper hand. Luckily I should have her unlocked within 24-48hrs but I feel bad for the other players who don’t have her. They are at a significant disadvantage


I’m not sure where you’re getting your info…is this just based on personal experience? Because I feel like the results in some brackets definitely say otherwise.

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We haven’t launched the new feature yet.

I’m playing Avasa, not Val. Actually, I haven’t seen many people playing Val

I would play Avasa but the bug with card draw made it somI never got labs. So now I’m playing Val.

Once again Val is crowned Queen of Cheese. There’s no playable T1 counter in this tournament to the bot factories. If it comes down to Val vs Val, it’s a contest to see who gets the most factories on the draw. Val’s factories need to be pushed to T2 like Roxy’s generators.


This event is just horrible period. Poorly designed, based solely on luck, and having two high cost featured units pisses me off


It is bad overall…I just want to say that I’m not using Val and I think I’m doing ok so :man_shrugging:

You were using Val earlier in the event then swapped to Avasa.

Sometimes people make choice?

I don’t have an issue with it but you were playing Val too this event.

Sorry I misread the topic, I thought it said, is Val OP…not, did you ever use it…

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That’s the topic I was just responding to what you said. I don’t think Val is particularly overpowered in this one.

@Lyth I couldn’t disagree with you more. There are no effective playable counters in this line-up for the bot factories. The ONLY Val players I beat got screwed and didn’t draw a handful of bot factories at the beginning. I played against more Val opponents than any other and my win rate was 20-25% lower this tournament than last…because of Val. I have her, I just think she’s super cheese right now, so I rarely play her. I stand by what I said before…her bot factories need to be pushed to T2.

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So if you’re number 2 in your bracket and you didn’t use Val the whole time …must be a glitch :thinking:

Maybe. Maybe you didn’t draw as many Val fights as everyone else. Maybe you drew great cards on every match. Maybe your opponent drew garbage every fight. Maybe you threw $100 worth of gems at the fights. Maybe I just got really unlucky. Maybe after winning multiple gold tournament portraits before you could gem your way to the top, I forgot how to play. Maybe there isn’t thread after thread of people calling out the Val crap. Maybe the devs haven’t acknowledged that Val is problem in tournaments. :thinking:

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If I spent 12,000 gems getting second I’d probably more wonder what I’m doing playing this game. Val is stronger than some in some events. But I just don’t think it’s as instawin as you’re stating.


@Pandread to be clear, I never stated she was insta win. I beat several Vals that got screwed on the draw and didn’t get the multiple bot factories in their hand at the go and I lost to every one that drew 2 or more factories at the start. I said that she was super cheese and implied a massive unfair advantage in her use in tournaments. But as you stated in this thread, you managed to get 2nd place without using her at all in this tournament, so I’ll defer to your experience.image

Sorry. I didn’t see where I stated I never used it. In fact, I realized she was not the way to go, at least for me.

@Pandread All good, brother. I played around with the generals, too, including two runs as Val. I thought she was easy mode, which was what I was seeing from the receiving end, and I settled on Avasa for the majority of the tournament.