Another corner case bug with Avasa

I was playing the event and my Avasa had 3 skulls and was enlarged. It was swinging at the barricade but the barricade was taking no damage. I think it’s probably some sort of issue with the hit box when he gets so big but it cost me the game or at least contributed significantly to the loss. The game was right before I posted this and it was against Crusaderkakow.

Oops, that’s no good. I’ve played as and against Avasa more times than I’d like to mention but I never realized she had a near clip range like the Reaper. I’ve found the replay of the battle you mentioned and we’ll use that to try to fix this for future events. Thanks for sharing! (ref 60285)

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Thanks S7Dave, it’s nice to have such rapid review and recognition of the bugs.

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