Another commander upgrade problem

Yeah gtfo…

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So they want you to upgrade units to get the commander to another level I though it was five free upgrade?

Plus those units aren’t exactly low, they require much higher level than pre update. They need to get the fuck out😂

It has always been this way but I’m making it official now, even if I continue to play this game, I’d keep in mind that this is a shady ass company, clean and untarnished reputation are million light years away from what they are. I’ll be on constant guard and watch my own back instead of trusting them. I suggest all of you guys do the same.

LISTEN, we don’t have to just throw our fucking brains out and accept whatever you guys give us. Give us a tight dust situation? FINE, I don’t have to play this game. You guys really think there aren’t other games that actually cares about their player base out there? Think again, if there are something I can’t accept and you guys don’t fix, i promise you I’ll be very trigger happy to delete the game permanently and won’t miss it.


I totally agree with you. I am playing allot of other games with my teammates from this game that are much more geared towards customers service as well as fair and balanced game play at a much more reasonable cost. These Devs don’t care about the customer base and basically don’t care about a fair and balanced game. This is why so many players have quit this game. They have totally screw this game up with each update.

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Yup I just started back playing castle burn very good game and back on the grind on my summoners war account so I’m starting to play this less and less.i think castle burn clash royal is very good games and I stop playing cuz this was better but now I see my self playing those two games a lot more then this one now.

Sorry S7 but y’all pushing players away from game.

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This has always been a requirement.

How do you know?

Because I upgraded my commanders.

@S7Dragon @S7CampusLifer @S7Dave

It is incredibly frustrating that you guys can’t even bother to give us an answer about whether this is supposed to be this way now or if it’s yet another bug to be fixed. Again it’s taken people who were ready to max out their commanders and absolutely screwed them in their ability to do so as now they need to level many more cards under the new system which despite what we were promised is more costly than it was before in dust if nothing else.

What games?

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