Android version - Any updates?


Hello S7 team,

can give us an update about the android version?

Since November I can preregister for it on the google play store ( but I didn’t here anything about the release date or your progress in development of the android version.

80% of the people using a smartphone or tablet can’t play the game yet :wink:



Hi @ZeltaZum.

I’m glad you’re interested in our android build! For sure we have our own internal timeline tracking, but our policy is to not include any customer-facing ETAs.

What I can say is that I’ve personally played Wild Beyond on a Pixel device and it looks great. That said, it’s a huge leap from there to making it work well on all the different popular device types and seamlessly integrating with the existing apple devices.


I long for this. What the game needs most is new players. What we have now is spread too thin between like five different game modes/ques. I personally have a bunch of friends waiting for the Android release, too.

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