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Hey guys just wondering if this is still pretty high on your to do list. Could we get another “State or the Game”? I think there’s a good amount of long time players still hoping this game will improve fundamentally, and I think the android release is essential for fixing the biggest problem which is the player base.


Hi @Savvy.

Thanks for the comment.

I think we’re totally aligned with you that growing the player-base is the the #1 goal. There’s multiple ways to do that. One is “get on both iOS/Android so you have access to more players.” Another one is “make the game have a deep social competitive end game which many people decide to play for years instead of weeks.” Another one is “make sure the game makes enough money per player that we can run bigger marketing campaigns on places like Facebook without losing money doing it.” Another one is “make the game have great word of mouth so people tell their friends to play with them.”

We’re working on all of the above. Honestly I think it’s going to take a combination of these things! Android is high priority for us, but not strictly the “highest.” For sure on a personal level, we’re very excited about android because many of us own android phones or have a husband who owns an android phone and we can’t play together!

We’re currently a pretty small team, so for us to get an android build in a decent state for the many different kinds of android devices out there, we’d need to stop doing almost everything else for a month or two. That doesn’t feel like the right thing to do yet…


Thanks for the insight it’s good to see more transparency as of late


Most of us really love this game overall but the place in your list where it seems you are failing is word of mouth.

The player base is still not happy over the game economy and the lowering of the value of packages and we still feel ignored on the issue. S7Dave has done a ton to restore good will with the players but the discussions have not led to any major changes yet.

I want to be able to tell people this is the best game to join but I couldn’t imagine starting it now. If I weren’t so invested in it I would have left. So you do get people invested for the long term but at some point we all get frustrated. Despite the new wars, lots of my guild are playing less event games and less multiplayer games.

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I agree that word of mouth is incredibly powerful. One negative review spreads faster than 10 positive ones unfortunately. Aside from the issues that are caused by a low player base, taking care of the current players to spread that positive word of mouth is imperative.

Happy players directly means more money for the team (by word of mouth and in game purchases) so I think that should be priority out of the things @S7campusLifer mentioned. More money means more advertising, which leads to more players, which leads to more money etc etc. Personally, once I feel like the money I have invested in the game hasn’t been for nothing, I will be more than willing to urge others to play.

All I’m trying to say is it starts with the current players…then everything will progress from there. If the value to the event packs went back up, I’d have no problem buying them, and others feel the same. Keep your current players, make more money, and the game will grow

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