Android anytime soon?

Are you planning on launching the Android app anytime soon?
Reason why I’m asking is im using a Samsung Note 10, and I really prefer it over the iPhone 11. And only reason why I’m carrying the iPhone now is because of this game. Admittedly the latest update was quite disappointing and I’m starting to think if I should just stop altogether :frowning:

Thank you for considering this.


Hi @Tubby_1_Kenobi. We’re super excited by android too (many of us on the development team own android phones) but this project is on hold until we iron out the problems with in the game.

That probably means forever since every update adds more problems than it fixes. I may sound negative but honestly I’m tired of the rhetoric and frustrated by the lack of action to fix the game.

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Congratulations on finding an excellent reason to rid yourself of this game. All the best.

We’d be ‘Super Excited’ if you scrapped the whole game from 2.5 up.

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Lol :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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