An unintended consequence of the coin decrease

So I was playing with a guild mate tonight and we experienced really long queues. Checking around it seems people are just not playing as many games because they don’t feel they are worth it. They especially don’t feel like it’s worth using gems to reset because the value is so low and they want to use the gems for the events.

This is a major part of the game, the main part of the game really, that as far as I can tell is having negative consequences from the coin decrease. That is on top of people leaving the game of course.

Devs, can you look into the average number of games players are playing compared to how many they were playing before the coin decrease. Unintended consequences can be just as bad as the issues we are already discussing.


Yep. There doesn’t seem to be much of a point to play anymore. Especially at higher levels. Both Dark Angel and CrispyLardon have quit, as well as quite a few other top players. They’re losing us lol


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