An apology for @S7campusLifer

I’d like to apologize publicly to @S7campusLifer and the members of S7 support. When the update came, I kinda lost my cool and did a lot of shitposting on the forums and complaining to support. I’ve been a fan of this game for a long time and, while the game is much different now, after a few days of thinking and experimenting with the new system, it makes a lot of sense. I honestly did not expect the 3 million dust payout, that really is what made me stay. That was a nice thing to do to appease your customers.

Just wanted to say sorry for being nasty with you guys and I see where the game is going now. The multiplayer system is a lot more fair, and the card copies make sense now. Naturally it will take time and complex math to balance the economy, but you’re doing better than I could to patch things up. Lol.

Thank you guys for your patience and professionalism and I will continue to be a customer. Sorry for blowing up.


I’m glad to hear the dust made a positive impression for you. We know you and many other players give us candid feedback because you’re passionate about this game you love – we’re passionate about it too, and we’re glad you’re one of our players.


You blew up? You’re lucky you didn’t catch a ban for that like poor Keys did for much less.

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The dust helped, getting back our extra cards will help, adding back 2v2 and ranks will be a significant help. I will say it again for the record, you came up with a new system and that’s fine, it’s not OK to half finish it and implement it and expect players, especially paying players to be OK with it.

Also the reward level of cards now seems abysmally low even with the decrease in how many to max out. At 3 chests a day (and I’m not sure where that comes from I’m not even sure I’m getting 1 chest a day now) you will get just about 1200 chests a year at 1% legendary that’s an expected 12 legendary card which would be enough to max out 1 legendary out of the 12 base legendaries in the game and that’s if they were all the same card, on top of this ability to even level commanders is tied to leveling cards… I’ve said it before you guys need someone over there with better math skills.

If possible I would like a reply specifically answering the above paragraph and the expectations of players to be able to level their units.

I’m afraid I don’t personally have the numbers for chests. I believe you can also get chests by using the free daily diamonds (unfortunately that’s a bit broken right now, but that’s the subject of another thread), season prizes, event prizes, etc.

Hi @Daddy31 thanks for the note. I’m sure all feedback comes from people’s strong attachment to the game. I appreciate that.

Maybe you missed the point of my question. How are people supposed to upgrade cards especially legendary cards when they come at only 1% and chests don’t come frequently.

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This new update has pretty well destroyed the point of having/being in an alliance. Sure we can still play 2v2 battles but the wait for matchups has increased dramatically & there is no payout for winning one…so what’s the point?I’d love to be able to battle alongside my alliance members again.


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