Allied Raids Preview

In the next update, we will be releasing a new feature called Allied Raids. Teams will be paired up to fight Allied Raids against each other, similar to Event Wars. Teammates will work together to build a pair of team decks that will defend the team against special 2v2 Allied Raid attacks by players on the enemy team.

To help teams get ready, we’ve launched the ability for you to build your team decks now! You can now contribute a card to your team’s deck and (officers) can help arrange the donated cards into two team decks. To access this new feature, tap on the β€œForums” button to the right of the chat box on the HUD. When the new version comes out, we’ll incorporate this into a tab on the Alliance page and make sure teams have a little more time to prepare their decks at that time too. But if you’re an early bird … go ahead and get started!


Any ETA on next update?

Just to verify… Do only officers have the ability to manipulate the second deck? I was able to add a card to deck one but not deck two

Only officers can change the decks. The only exception is if a deck has default cards (the factory bot), then when you pick your card then your card will automatically replace the factory bot.

Not too much longer. Famous last words?

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Lol right?

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Hello, we have an alliance quest and we are required to finish and alliance raid. I am not sure how are we gonna do it? Our decks are not complete with so many factory bots since we do not have much members. Please enlighten us how to join the alliance raid.

Too complicated

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