Allied Raid/War stats page

I think there may be a need for a new DB index or something. It takes the better part of a minute to load the names, if they load at all. (It’s recently started giving an error which I suspect is a backend timeout problem.)

Especially during rank reset, our server is under considerable load. Has it become any better?

I haven’t noticed the error message in lieu of names since about the time I posted, so that was probably reset related. However, the long load times (upwards of 20-30 seconds) have been going on for a couple of weeks or more, and persist.

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Names should now load quickly – they should show up within a few seconds, or more often instantly now.

The long loading times for names over the past several weeks was due to a performance regression introduced in the last update. But the hot patch we just deployed fixes this, and does one better by making it (much) faster than ever before!


Whoa! You ain’t kidding. It’s snappy as could be now! :+1: