Allied raid bug

@S7Dave @S7campusLifer What’s going on here… I try to start battle but nothing happens:

I can’t post the video. Damn.

But when I press allied raid it just takes me back to the alliance page and it doesn’t launch the raid request to other members. It just kicks me out of the screen all together

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Here’s a screenshot showing the other team is able to play and earn points but I can’t really take a screenshot of it kicking me from the raid page… I have a video but u can’t post videos on here apparently

That’s is very weird. That happened last war to us but it got fixed quickly. Sucks that it’s happening to another alliance again.

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I’m also having the same issue. I have contributed a unit and currently unable to join in the allied daily quest. When i click on join 2v2 it kicks me to home screen.

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Same here. Is it only happening to wunkers?


Same here

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Update guys:

It is now working for Wunk alliance. No one seems to be having an issue

Thanks, I’m glad to hear it is working now. Are you able to upload the video to youtube or a similar site and message me the link? I’d still like to look into why you encountered this bug in the first place.

We’ve patched this bug so it should not occur again (or at the very least, we fixed one problem which could lead to this frustrating issue). Thanks again for the bug report; it helped us track the problem down and get it fixed!

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