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Out of curiosity, as I know this feature is being tested, will we as players have a chance to give our feedback? And most importantly, will we be listened to?

First impressions of this is that it’s yet another ploy to get us to spend more money, with little to no reward. By the way, what is the reward for the winning alliance? This seems like nothing more than a pi**ing contest to see which alliance spends more. I’m definitely not going to empty my bank account to compete with other alliances.

Because of the way the events are run, with the refresh rates and value pack nerfing, a lot of people opt out of wasting time competing in the events. It literally costs about $100 for first place, and a lot of people don’t want to deal with that.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, but I certainly hope our feedback is well received this time.

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Of course, we’d love your feedback! This forum is a great place for discussion.

The goal is to let teams compete more directly. Now teams get to compete directly head-to-head with Alliance Wars twice weekly. We chose to score these wars based on medals earned because we’ve seen that medals earned are mostly achieved by players who are both very active and skilled. I suspect the most successful teams will be those that best rally their members, share good strategies/replays, etc. Of course, we’re closely watching what happens with wars and will be making improvements based on our observations and your feedback.

As for rewards, that’s one thing we’re looking at adding in the future. We’ve committed to special portraits to the top teams already (the top team will get to help design their portrait with our artists!), and are considering other options too – but I think there’s a lot of fun to be had in competing for a prestigious ranking on the leader board (same as the old team leader board). But we’ll see. For reference:

Even in the most competitive echelons of the game, this is not true. But I think I understand your sentiment. One of the great things about Alliance Wars is that no one teammate can carry you to victory – successful teams will almost certainly be those who rally their members to action.

Thanks for thinking about this new feature!


I like the concept and I’m excited to see what y’all do with it. For those of us with an active base and a tier of player that’s not engaged, it would be MOST helpful to have some sort of summary screen of player activity. My alliance is currently losing because some people haven’t played a single game; we are trying to boot players to make room for new actives, but it’s extremely difficult to collate information and accurately infer from it who is generally active but not around this weekend, versus consistently low contributors.

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Thank you for your response. I like everything you said, except the bit about the cost of first place. I know for a fact that’s how much it costs lol. You can say it’s not true, but it is.

There is a summary screen when you first access the forum from within the game. It shows all the points of every person in the alliance.

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I know; it’s difficult to collate that with (often misleading) online status, (ambiguous) donation data, and (very limited) daily quest participation stats to infer whether an alliance member is generally active but unavailable for a couple of days, versus consistently unhelpful.

I’ve gotten to first many times and it didn’t cost me $100 each time. I won most of those events using strategy and best combination of units. I hold back on purchasing tickets until a soslutely necessaary

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Yeah but the point is, it costs money to get first. And how much you spend to get first depends on how much your opponent is spending. First is not free. That’s my point

  • Online status is rubbish; sorry, we want to fix it but have other higher priority issues first.
  • What makes donation data ambiguous? It resets weekly, but other than that it should accurately show how many cards each teammate has given to others.
  • The short history on team quest completion is a hassle for data hungry leaders of top guilds. But it’s also manageable for less intense teams. More intense teams may want to track misses offline in a spreadsheet to keep tabs on longer term trends. This should help tease out active players who occasionally miss a few days from those who just aren’t cutting it. I’d like to do more to support this in-game, but I think a lot of this will fall on team leaders – and that leaders who do this well will probably end up nurturing the most successful teams.

It would Be nice to have a green dot next to players who are online and a red dot or no dot for those who are offline. And can we also fix the problem if we accidentally touch a message or the home button we don’t automatically close the game ?

I agree. We need to fix detecting who is online or not first :grimacing:.

Unfortunately, we can’t change that behavior because it’s just how the iPhone/etc. works. We could make resuming after such an accident less punishing though. That’s a pretty challenging task for us, but one we very much want to do and have done some of the leg work on (but paused temporarily).

One big help for donations data would be to list a countdown until it resets, or show a specific time, instead of the static “every 7 days.” We also have to paint with a broad brush, since new players are at a disadvantage. (And since we have a leader and a couple of officers, I don’t always know when someone joins.) If I’m needing to take membership action based in part on this stat, I also have low confidence about its context. We have several big donors in our team. It would be helpful to know how many cards have been requested in the current period, so I can better tell if our four big donors just happened to catch the majority of requests.

I’ve actually tried the spreadsheet approach, but the interface and incumbent UX issues turn this into a crazy-making endeavor. Scrolling through the list, for example, skips and jumps unpredictably. One simple suggestion that I think wouldn’t be overwhelming to casual leaders but fantastically useful for helicopter officers like me would be, say, a small 5- or 7-dot bar beside the player in roster. Light up or grey out the dots for the last X days participation. At a glance, I can see who hasn’t completed a daily in the last week (instaboot) or those who are on the bubble for being absent more often than not.

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I think it would be a nice strategy/advertisement to get new players to join with a free lvl 15 unit of their choice (from a select group of units that the devs decide on ((but don’t make it the worst units in the game))) this not only would show the newbies generosity :wink: but show them something they can look forward to expanding their collection. We need something very enticing and attractive to invite new players. I remember seeing your ad on Facebook and thought it was really uninteresting and bland tbh. But I gave it a try anyways. I think you guys should invest in a marketing advisor. Hell, y’all should just hire me and I’ll fix ya up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

and lets not forget to compensate your customers at the present moment for sticking through the tough times. I know nobody likes threats. And that’s what the top guilds did to you guys. But, you have a part in this too and you were missing the humility it took to yield to their request (or meeting in the middle) and let your pride lose a large portion of your revenue which was not a great move in my opinion. Maybe you guys have plans that i cannot see so maybe that’s why you did not compensate them or myself. I don’t know your motives, but I do know that customer to employee relationship is very important to retain the customers you do have (the paycheck you have now) and your future customers (raises.) I’m not telling you guys what to do, but my two cents is to compensate your current player base for spending money that ended up being worthless. Its the least you guys can do for silently gouging the coin earning rate and subtly changing the amount you receive in the purchased deals, especially the $100 ones that I’ve bought three at a time a few times. It’s not hard to let your customers have a freebie once in a while to hold them over while you fix the bugs. It shows your customers that you care more about the relationship between the company and customers than you do money. And even if that isn’t accurate and true, you could just do it as a PR stunt to save face. I don’t care if you’re greedy or not, and I don’t think anyone else here cares either. We just want a little bone to be thrown our way for enduring the problems that can take place when a new game is released and not necessarily at 100%. Especially the people who have invested thousands of dollars into your company because we feel it was a worthwhile investment at the time and we love the game so much, that we are willing to trade our time earning money for virtual goods (which I know does take time and investment to make). It’s very simple to just take a humble bow on this one and throw everyone a bone based on their lvl of combined units with coins or a boatload of gems which can be used in any way the customer decides to do. (ex: spending my gems just to get 5 medals a win for the entire event and I’m not exaggerating, check out my post in the “events” section for more details. Of which I was not compensated for and I’ve spent well over $3,000 on your game. ((Not to pull the money card, but it does help paint a picture of the greed that is being seen by your community, and I bring this up in the most polite neutral way possible, so please do not feel I am attacking you in any way.))

We want to see the success of this game. We love it. We think it’s fun. We like the style, the units, the season tokens (a fun way to either drop money or have something to look forward to.) and I’ve noticed you guys have been reaching out a lot more lately so thank you for that, but don’t forget the people who helped make you a success ok? :kissing_heart:

Thanks, you’re all very close to our hearts too :).

A free high-level unit for new players would be fun, but I worry that it would be so powerful that none of their other cards would matter. Games would be more about getting out your way over-leveled card than playing strategically. A more balanced version of accelerated progression is available via Elite, and perhaps the best option of all is associating with an active team and learning from them, playing 2v2, getting donations, etc.

I’m sorry we didn’t more clearly communicate changes to the coin economy etc. I could point to some posts we made (the team values transparency very highly, and tries very hard to share every little change in the announcements subforum) but we clearly need to do better – we’ll work on it.

I also want to say…the amount of tokens you get for having won is pretty disappointing compared to the amount of effort that people have to put in.

@Pandread I completely, completely agree with this. I mean, I’m grateful for the extra tokens, but the effort vs the payout is way off.

Also ( and this may not be popular amongst some players @S7Dave ) I feel like maybe individuals that didn’t contribute much to the alliance war win should get less tokens than others. It’s a little frustrating when you have members that are really, really putting in effort to win the war, then you have ones that aren’t even getting 2k medals yet they still reap the rewards of their teammates hard work. Players that didn’t participate in the event at all should receive no tokens tbh. Respectively, the top contributors in the event should get a coin bonus in addition to the tokens, and maybe a few diamonds as well. Basically rewarding the team players, and not allowing the ones that don’t participate to enjoy the benefits of their teammates performance.

Basically though, the rewards for an alliance win definitely need to be tweaked a little bit

I think players who don’t contribute at least 2k don’t get awards, do they?

Yes, there is a minimum though we reduced it to 1,050 when we changed the medal formula (lower strength players get fewer medals than before). For teams with higher level players, it’s up to the team’s leadership to police their own rules – this gives every team the flexibility to do things a little differently too.


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