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So my guild won the alliance war for the last event against Royal Guard which was insane and lucky and in part cause some of their players didn’t play.

This morning one of our players left the guild and I noticed that on the Alliance War list that player was no longer there and now we show less medals than RG.

So the question is if someone leaves during the event do we lose the points earned while they were in guild. Now that the event is over and the player left are our totals still going to be affected? If someone joins the guild either during or after the event will we gain medals they earned outside the time they were in the guild?

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Hopefully it wouldn’t be affected after war is over because by that time y’all already won

Hopefully but the tracker changed after the war ended

I think it’s pretty clear from the formatting and shoehorn navigation that the tracker isn’t fully baked yet :joy: at least, I hope it’s not in its final state. But I noticed the same thing you did, in reverse. We had new members join after the event ended and they showed up with 0 medals. With a 3-man team policing for low activity members, I can see how that might cause some trouble.

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The contributions page shows how many medals each player currently in your team earned during the event. Unfortunately, it isn’t frozen when the event ends – though it would be better if it was frozen once the final result was tabulated (if nothing else, to avoid confusion). We will be making that change in the near future. On the plus side, though the list of contributors can change after the war is over, the outcome cannot be changed – team ratings (and in the near future, team war prizes) are fixed as soon as the final results are tabulated and changing your guild membership after the final result is announced has no impact on these things.

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What happens to medals earned by a person who leaves the guild or joins the guild mid-event. Do they travel with the player or stay with the guild. I would argue they should stay with the guild it was earned in otherwise someone quitting mid-event is a way to hurt the guild and recruiting players who already scored high becomes a strategy to win the war by taking medals already won.


They travel with the player. Each player chooses which team benefits from their contributions.

We could bar late-joining players contributions from counting for their team, but this adds complexity which I think is probably unnecessary.

This is different from the way other things in this game work such as when you join a new guild and already did yours alliance daily you get locked out of gaining the tokens from the new alliance daily.

Also allowing this encourages player poaching as a strategy for the war. Something most other games disallow because of the problems it leads to.

Internally, we’re discussing limiting team contributions to those players who were on the team at the start of the Event War. I’ll circle back on this after we’ve deliberated a bit more. There are pros and cons to each side. (A downside of this change would be that new players can’t contribute until the next war which will be a bit discouraging and probably confusing too. But on the plus side it’d make sudden changes in score thanks to recruiting/shuffling impossible, and make teams plan ahead instead of scurry to recruit during a war effort).

You don’t need to prevent new players from contributing just leave medals in the alliance where they were earned.

This is possible. Then the contributions page might look pretty crazy though – my team could have more than 60 players listed (some who contributed before they were replaced, and some who made some [incremental] contribution after they joined). Though I don’t think we could both keep contributions from old members AND allow contributions from new members – this is easily abused (cycle new players into your team, have them win a few easy medals on their first battles, replace them).

I’ve been in multiple games that have some sort of guild event. They either lock the roster for the event or do it the way I described. No other game I have played has the medals follow the player.

Thanks for your feedback. I think it’s a great point, and many of us agree internally and are looking into making the change for future wars.

@Lyth - Rosters will now lock for future wars. See the details here:


I think that’s better overall though not sure why the team should lose the medals if a person leaves. If the player can’t take their medals to a new alliance of earn medals in a new alliance I don’t see the need to take the medals away from the alliance in which they were earned. With that policy in place an alliance could get sabotaged by another alliance offering someone a slot after the event to quit and drop their current alliance’s medals.

I also worry a bit since your events take up 5 of 7 days. That severely limits recruitment time without affecting the events. I don’t have a solution but when I was comparing this to other games most of those did not have a midweek event.

With this in place recruitment will essentially be limited to Monday and Thursday if the alliance wants the event stable.


This is good feedback. We can’t make it happen before this next event starts (I think), but I’ve added it to our roadmap. We have a few other more burning issues to tackle first, but I hope this is a tweak we can make short-term. It’d be very easy to continue to count the player’s medals once they leave the team – but it’s harder to freeze their medals at the time they leave their team. What do you think about those two options? Neither seems “wrong” per se, but the latter seems to make a little bit more sense, perhaps. But perhaps we should just spring for the former and get it in right away for this upcoming war.

Very good point @Lyth. We don’t want to end up with a situation where it’s very hard to switch team roster without creating a big problem.

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Update: Members who leave the team during the war will still have their contributions count towards their original team at the start of the war. This should make recruiting easier!


Thank you S7Dave and S7campusLifer today seems a great day of hearing good news and great communication and activity between players and developers.


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