Alliance War idea


Hi team,

I’ve been trying to think up some game modes, that would be fun to play, and wouldn’t take too much effort from a development standpoint.

Each Alliance Select a group of players to participate (much like building an event deck). Players must be active at the time of the event to participate, so alliance needs to choose wisely.

The event should be limited time participation much like weekend events.

Captain or leader queue up for a match in a 10v10 (2v2 style) best 3 out of 5 match. Alliance can also use the ticket system much like event to control how many times they fight during the weekend, with no option to purchase more. This makes it fair to all alliances.
Once the two alliances are matched the 20 players are pulled into a lobby where they can chat while waiting for match.
two random players from each team that are online gets pulled into the game to fight. Each player in alliance deck can only battle once, and if no one is online to fight , victory goes to other alliance. This means in a 2 win 2 lost situation you will need your 9th and 10th player to fight last match.

This continues until the first alliance to score 3 points who is awarded a victory and the alliance earn points for their ranking.

Rankings can also utilize the existing system with awards for the entire alliance (even for the people who weren’t drafted). With alliance donations and 2v2 all members contribute, thus all members should be rewarded.

This event would not only increase the number of active players, but also test the communication and collaborative efforts of the alliances, and overall would be a lot of fun for the players.


And other alliances support this idea as well as evidenced by global chat.


Agree alliance wars are an exciting idea!

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