Alliance vs Alliance War Preview!

We’re excited to trial a new way for alliances to compete with other alliances! Compete and win to earn unique portraits at the end of the Phoenix Forge Season! Here is how it works:

• In each event, every active alliance will be paired with another alliance of similar strength.

• The alliance with the most total medals in the event (sum of all individuals in the alliance’s medals) at the end will be the winner!

• The winner’s rating will increase and the losers rating will decrease.

You check how your team is doing by tapping the Wild Beyond icon next to the chat bar:

to see this:

More details:
• The top three teams at the end of Season 2 will get a unique portrait and the top team will get to request a custom unique portrait that we will make for that team!

• The pairings will be announced via chat, and the relative scores will be announced in chat every few hours while the event is ongoing.

• One time only, we will convert existing alliance medals (based on combined individual player medals) into a single rating for the team that will no longer change based on individual action.

• This is a beta feature, which we are releasing now to give you a sneak peak and to confirm the processes work at scale. Stay tuned, as more prizes and other improvements will be coming soon! Please report any bugs or feedback you run into with this feature by dropping us a ticket through our support portal here.


We’ve adjusted team rating values to start at higher values. We’ve adjusted all existing team war ratings accordingly. All teams retain the same relative ranking as before. This has the added benefit of team rating now showing up on the in-game leaderboard instead of being blank. We may rejigger the scaling again in the future, but this is really just a cosmetic change. Congrats to the teams currently leading the rankings:

Based on player feedback, we’ve decided to lock team rosters when a war starts. This means that once war opponents are announced, only members who were on the the team at that time can contribute to their team’s score. Furthermore, members must remain on the team until the war results are announced or any contributions they made are removed. This will be in effect for the next war.

Update: Members who leave the team during the war will still have their contributions count towards their original team at that start of the war. This should make recruiting easier!