Alliance Tokens

There is clearly too many and a few adjustments would be great:

  1. The offers in the store should be adjusted. Probably with some correlation to your level?
  2. They need to be removed from season prizing. It is ridiculous that they are even in there
  3. Create some sort of team research/buff that these can be used towards.

Pan I actually came on here to make a post about the same subject lol. I really feel like it’s a waste on season tokens to be forced to buy alliance coins. I really have nothing to use them on anymore, and my tokens could be put to better use


Agreed. This is a big issue. I really have no use for them other than coins now and and with how little that takes I still accumulate

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Thanks for the suggestion. Agree! We have a longer term plan to pretty drastically revamp Alliance Tokens along with BossBlitz.

Is there any ETA or hopeful date on this?

Sorry, don’t have any ETA on this one.

Can you please tell us if you plan to take them out of the season rewards?

I feel like this shows everything that’s wrong with the current dynamic.

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Right? Absolutely no incentive

We definitely agree and are working on features to create more ways to use this currency.

I think that would be good but in the meantime maybe it could be easier to perhaps decease it’s overabundance for now? Maybe that’s a more expedient thing? Since I assume creating a new feature takes longer than swapping out a prize?

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I agree with Pan, can you please at least stop with rewarding so many for now?

Suggestion: We should be able to buy coins and diamonds with alliance tokens. If you did that, none of us would have an issue with being rewarded so many

*in a way similar to how diamonds can currently be used to purchase coins

Lol this got answered all with a resounding no. And a screw you haha

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