Alliance tokens / Gold

Hi Team
I am still sitting on 1 Million Alliance points.
I have no Units to Upgrade.
This patch did nothing for your high lvl Players.
We Need something to spend them for like coins or diamonds.
Pls give some feedback. Its really frustrating and no Motivation to do any quests.


I agree. When we said we needed other options to spend alliance tokens on, this isn’t what we meant. This is great for new players, but quite honestly, I feel like us high ranking players are intentionally getting the shaft. You’d think we would be the most important players

Hi @α΄Œα΄“α΄“

Thank you for the feedback. We will continue to look for more uses of this currency.

But you guys don’t need to look for other uses for this currency. We’ve literally given you ideas and flat out told you what we would like to see. Do we honestly have any say in this game at all?

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