Alliance re name

Just wondering why alliance name can not be changed once, I sent a PM to a dev about it and they said that it wasn’t in the coding. Is one alliance name change hard to code? I’m sure that alliances want to name change once in the case of baby alliances splitting off and not wanting the higher alliance name. Plus the extra 40k coins you would need to spend for making a new alliance just for name change, with the current economy of coins that is a total waste if you already own an alliance.

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Yeah great idea Awesome. This would let teams who evolve over time better reflect where they are currently at. It seems like it would only be a minor change but would help better engagement as alliances evolve.

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Our system is not built to allow this. We could make a project to make it possible, but it doesn’t feel like the right use of our development resources right now.

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So what is coming first? Because it doesn’t seem like the coin economy is coming up, gold is still useless and we have 1/2 option in events


I guess you could define “renaming alliance” as part of the “improving the social features” strategy. That said it doesn’t feel like a high priority project within that strategy because:

  • We’ve previously built games with vibrant social communities and they didn’t include the ability to rename alliances
  • I can’t think of any mobile games which allow alliance renaming
  • There’s all sorts of weird corner cases to consider. Eg Does the system need sign off from all the members first before allowing the renaming? Imagine being part of a team and suddenly finding out it had been renamed to something you don’t like such as something like TeamDonaldTrump or TeamHillary. Is it really right to allow renaming a group once people have already joined it?

Well this game is definitely different from most games I’ve played, no game I have ever played is the alliance board based off of a war rank. They have been, for the most part, off of player level and how the leader board was before. henceforth making a new alliance, wasting 40k coins, and the fact that not ever single person may join the new alliance is just a waste of the already shortage of coins and time, being that it would take time just to get back to the alliance rank or where we were before the name reset. So a name change would be so much better, not needed to grind a lot just to get back to where we were. Not wasting coins. Not worrying if the players are going to re join. As of the “what if they don’t like the new name” or if they should vote for the new name, it’s the leaders alliance not the members, if they don’t like the new name they leave. That’s that. Don’t really want to spend 40k on a rename but if I have to I will

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