Alliance quests still give time warp season tokens

Time warp is over but alliance quests are still giving time warp season tokens for rewards, I have gotten 625 so far that I cannot use or account for.


I was wondering the same thing. Would be nice to reopen the rewards until the actual end of the season, or offer a different type of reward.

There is no roll over guys

Yeah. We know that. Thatโ€™s the point of this post. We are still getting time warp season tokens for completing alliance quests. We know they donโ€™t roll over, hence this post

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Unfortunately, we wonโ€™t be converting yesterdayโ€™s quest over to Season 2 Tokens. The new Season 2 Phoenix Forge Tokens are tied with the new update, and should switch over to the new Tokens soon. The timing of the update made things a little weird in these 48 hours, and we apologize for the wonkiness of it.

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