Alliance quest reset after update

After the update it said I didn’t participate in alliance quest and that I completed the last quest in another alliance. Neither are true and it now shows no one in the alliance has completed today’s quest. Obvious reset glitch from update. Can you please fix


Same for my alliance. Do we need to open a ticket?

Sorry about that! Please press the “contact us” button inside the app and we’ll help you out.

Ditto for our alliance

Sounds like it’s a uniform issue. And rather than everyone requesting a fix you guys just need to address it everywhere.

It happened to many people but not all. Please send us a message using the in-app “Contact us” if you experienced it and we will help out.

I received my tokens already (thank you!!) but the alliance quest itself is still broken.

Our belief/hope is that Alliance Quest will go back to normal after the rollover to “tomorrow.” If not, we’ll have a bunch of other work to do :stuck_out_tongue:

If you say so but it happened to everyone I spoke to.

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