Alliance quest bug!

I’d really like this to be fixed. I don’t enjoy having to send screenshots and emails every time this happens

Thanks for the bug report. We know of two bugs with alliance quests. One, quests roll over without players being able to collect their prize – we’re attempting to fix this in a hot patch today or tomorrow. There’s a second issue where teams (sometimes) don’t get the correct prize – which looks like what affected your team here. We have a fix for that in our 2.32 release which we’re trying to get out ASAP.

@S7NotABot Can you credit the members in this alliance their missing season coins per Escue’s screenshot?

Ok thank you. Will my members and I get reimbursed for the last two days it happened to us?


Resolved offline; closing this thread. The fix isn’t live yet, so unfortunately more teams will probably be affected. We hope to have one fix out soon though. Please contact support for issues like this so we can resolve them as quickly as possible. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble. I’m glad we were able to make it right for your team now at least!