Alliance positions

Can someone please explain how an alliance leader can hand off position? My alliance leader says he only sees the kick player and he’s trying to hand me the leadership

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The only way for a Leader to hand off the position currently is to leave the alliance, at which point the officer with that’s been in the alliance the longest will automatically be promoted to leader.

A workaround to give a specific person Leader would be to demote all officers to member, set the person you want to promote to officer, then have the leader leave the alliance. Then the new leader can reinvite the old leader back to the alliance, and restore the correct people to officer status.

Can you please change this…that doesn’t make sense, why would you not set something up for an easy transition?

I would absolutely like to change this and it’s in our backlog for alliance improvements

While we’re going to get to this UX improvement at some point, I wanted to explain the current system to you ASAP and give you a workaround you can use today.

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Well thank you, just add this to the list of suggestions for your alliance post that was created a few weeks ago I guess then, it’s not that important, just a very odd design choice but I guess oversights happen

Just to be clear, this is neither a design choice nor an oversight. Providing this functionality was in the original specification for alliances but sometimes we have to move people around to work on more immediate problems, which was the case of this feature. As you mentioned we have a backlog of alliance improvements we’d like to tackle and rest assured that this is on that list!

Lol okay, well don’t go saying something that doesn’t make sense just to be defensive about it, the inability to hand off leadership unless you leave the account is an oversight. If it’s going to be fixed then good. But let’s be clear that something is always either a design choice or an oversight.

Not leave the account, the leader just needs to leave the alliance with the player who will become the next leader as the only officer in alliance at the time.

It was clearly a typo.

Did this ever get fix or do I need to use workaround in order to promote a new lead?

I’m afraid that for now you’ll still need to resort to the workaround.

Copy, thx for the response