Alliance leader MIA

Hey guys, our alliance leader seems to have checked out, is there anything that can b done here? A lot of us are super frustrated and have a lot of pride in our alliance and don’t want to rebuild another unless absolutely necessary. Thx peeps

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hi @bRadPitt. according to my dashboard your alliance leader is logging in daily. I think it’s inappropriate for me to mess with it.

Wow ok thx for getting back to me🤙

But what if a leader is logging in and not participating or communicating? They may be online, but that doesn’t mean they’re actively leading. There can’t be a successful alliance without the main dude doing what he needs to do

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Have you tried messaging him?

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Absolutely phnewalletkeys, that’s what ultimately upset me the most was his refusal to communicate w ANYONE in ANYWAY
Lol sorry for yelling🤣 catch ya on the field homie🤙

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@S7campusLifer I know you guys are dealing with the new update coming through, amongst other things, but can you please take a look at this post again when you get a chance? I’ve talked to @bRadPitt about this issue in chat, and from my perspective something needs to be done about this. I understand the leader is online, but every alliance deserves a leader that interacts with the members.

Thank you!

Hi! We’ll try to back to this once things settle down.

I agree if a leader goes inactive something should happen – a good guild shouldn’t just be forced to wither as a result. I’d like it to be a hard & fast “rule” we can follow so it’s clear to both the leader and members in question what the rules are for removing an alliance leader.

Have a “MUTINY” button. Once an officer activate the Mutiny option if 1/3 of the members agree to it then the current leader will be remove from the spot to become a normal member in that alliance and the officer will become the new leader. That will solve the problem of inactive leader or leader who has lost the support of it’s members.
That way a leader has got to choose wisely who to be appointed as officer and in an unavoidable circumstances when a leader quit or being inactive without notice someone else can take over the leadership role without much problem. Also in order to protect current leader from losing his position maybe a 3 or 7 days gap of inactivity before the “Mutiny” button can be activated.
Just my humble proposal. Thanks


haha i really like that idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to be clear: Is your alliance leader you’re saying should be removed the person who was just talking on global chat? Or did your team already internally promote someone active to leader who is now talking on global chat?

Hey boss, idk if u r asking me or not, but here’s my response…we took it into our own hands to create new alliance w basically same name and struggle bus it back to top 10…didn’t want to b petty, was hard decision as many of us had put so much work and time into The Deadly Sins. I did finally see them on global today and opened dm but yet again no response, yet. Tried every channel on discord, let alliance dms expire, I realize real life happens every day and this is a game, (a very fun game btw, thx for all the hard work​:heart_eyes::raised_hands:) mutiny button would add a great incentive/pressure to lead responsibly and democratically, albeit with its own elements of chaos as well…my specific breaking point was realizing former alliance leader was on every day and not responding to alliance members, and as a team we felt we had no other options, but to carry the teams Deadly Sins tradition on somewhere else. I’m sure old leader and I will have it out soon, and was never looking to humiliate or demean another player at all. It was purely a frustrating situation to be in and we didn’t see any other options left to us, other than join an already existing alliance, which would have been self defeating and just as sad and frustrating, and quite frankly, against our purpose for not joining the big dogs in the first place. Anyways, thx for the time and attention, appreciate your hard work keeping us players happy​:metal:


@bRadPitt oh man that’s a crazy ride. Well good luck with the “new” team. Let’s hope everything turns out well for everyone on all angles.


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