Alliance intern communication


I am writing to you because my alliance is falling at the bottom of the ranking.

I make reminders (raid, events, quests). I exclude inactive players and accept new ones, every day that god does.I help everyone.I provide explanations for every update.

I am part of the players of my alliance to be 100% active.

But it starts to annoy me to write in the chat and the people concerned do not see it.And when I have the chance to do it in private chat it does not work.

My concern is that I have trouble communicating and explaining the importance of quests, raids and events.

I would like you to put a frame in the alliance menu where you can write a message that will always be visible.

Put it on discord and link discord to the chat. Then it will hold more history. We have that in HOD.

Great ideas Ishyo. Better communication tools would help a lot, and is something we’re keen on too.

Sadly not everyone joins the discord

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