Alliance game notifications are not shown, if you are opening a chest


Hello S7 team,

Alliance game notifications (for 2vs2 or boss blitz battles) are not shown, if you are opening a chest (if you are in the chest open animation or after it).
If you are back in the multiplayer menu, the notification is also not shown. You have to go to the alliance chat room to see the request of your alliance mate and join it.
If I am coming back from the chest opening animation, and the request is still there, I should be informed then (notifiaction show or shown again). Even if the notification was shown before I clicked on the chest to open it, it should pop up again.

Thx and Bye ZeltaZum

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What alternative would you like to see @ZeltaZum? I think a “banner” overlay if you’re in queue would work alright, but would it be too distracting in other menus?



The banner overlay is already there, but it goes away, if you enter into the chest opening animation (open a chest). And if the animation is over, the banner is not coming back. So yes, I would prefer, that the banner stays, even if I am just opening a chest. The chest animation can wait and can be frozen until I am back from the battle.



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