Alliance features

I am the leader of a top 10 clan and I have a few ideas that I think will improve player experience.

  1. As a leader of a team you should be able to pm members and maybe applicants from their profile or just by clicking name. This would allow me to get in contact with members who don’t play at same times of the day as me.
  2. I think you should implement more alliance weekly challenges. Maybe as you climb top 100 you get more tiers? We complete ours in like a day and a half two days max as #8 team so I’m sure other top teams do the same. I think it would give incentive for people to play more throughout the week.
  3. This ones just a question but is there a reason why pm chats disappear? Since I have a feeder team it’s kind of annoying to loose all my chats with their officers especially since I can’t pm anyone who isn’t active in global chat at same time as me

Thanks for reading I hope you can look into these things.


I’m going to second this post.

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Hey SavvyChas,

Thanks for the great feedback about alliances!

I know that communicating and managing alliances can be frustrating right now! We have a list of improvements to Alliances especially around management and communication. The ability to dm from the your member list is on that list.

One of the things is also revisiting how alliance challenges work. We’d like for it to encourage more participating across your whole alliance and not just a few members.

I’m not sure about PM (assuming you meant dm) chats disappearing. I will check in on this.

Thanks again!


Wanted to follow up here.
We’ve verified/identified the DM disappearing issue along with some other chat related issues.
There is a ticket for this internally that I will be keeping an eye on.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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Great! Second it too!

Also, maybe do not reset the donations counter every 7 days? So we can track activity better across alliances? A dm on the user from the alliance member list would help too. But i read above thats already in the pipe?

We should have added dm from alliance chat.

Tracking long-term alliance activity data (like donations) is something we’d like, it just needs to be prioritized.

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