Alliance bug

Just want to point out that it seems people are unable to apply to a full team. I can’t say for certain since I obviously don’t have first hand experience, but I had someone from our second team try to apply while we were full and they said they weren’t able to. They were higher than the minimum rank when they tried. Also, I think the minimum rank should apply even when a team isn’t full since when we have an opening I get a ton of stone and bronze applicants.

I brought this issue up a while a few weeks ago, which was a day after patch 2.30 of the new feature in having applying to a full alliance. This bug needs to be dealt with ASAP.

Link: “Applying to join full alliances” option bug

Ah ok at least they’re addressing it


Thanks for the bug report. We’ve fixed the bug in our code and it should go out in the next app update. Sorry about that!

No worries not really a big deal. I just noticed this little thing today with the top 100 team ranks too. I’m assuming it has something to do with the new alliance wars.

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