Alliance and season events locked

Not sure what you’re thinking team S7, but it’ll probably be the end of the season before I can even get 3 of the 5 stars you’re requiring to enter the season battlefield you just locked. This is not good at all, and should be removed from the game immediately.


I’ve already maxed out all the stars up to and including the level 16 arena and it says it is locked for me as well even though it is not possible for me to get 5 more stars.


Please @S7campusLifer @S7

What is this? My events are locked saying I need 5 stars… well I have plenty of stars and the only way I’m getting more is if I can play your game… please let us play. You let us spend money But you won’t let us play the game we are paying to play… please check my account and see how much money I’ve spent the past month alone… I really hope this is a bug that needs to be addressed and not done by s7 on purpose. You sold me boxes containing tokens then remove the event?.. again I hope it’s a bug I’ve never had one complaint about the game until today. This is considered fraud in my state and I will get all my money back if this is your marketing strategy.


@Ꮆ尺ㄖ山ㄒ卄 agreed. S7 doesn’t seem to understand or care that literally NOBODY likes the updates they are putting out. It’s too much change all at once. I used to play daily for long periods of time and now I hardly come into the game and certainly don’t spend any money.

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here too im top 50 and locked out of everything- thank you

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What’s are you guys thinking you want to lose money and ruin the game good job. What the fuck is this I’m already way pass lvl7 in. Gold mine already have 24. This makes no since we paid for things and your for forcing us to play something that nobody is intersected in. On that note been two days since I e gotten a response about you guy Messing up my elite before. So now what??? No response and doing this dumb shit shows everybody that you guys are In it for the money. We can’t get units and we can’t get season tokens. WTF

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@S7campusLifer please advise.

I agree with everyone else’s complaints but,also how are we supposed to keep in contact with our alliance members? How can I recruit or look at everyone’s activities etc…? So I have to play or “pay basically” in order to run an alliance now? Doesn’t sound smart to me, especially when you already had so many loyal customers! Many that you’ve already lost and will lose more if this isn’t fixed immediately!!! I hope you guys listen to everyone this time and stop ruining a game we all once enjoyed!


Everyone on this thread. If you paid through PayPal or even your bank. This is considered fraud and is refundable. If s7 doesn’t want to give you your money back but sold you incentives to play the game then they have stolen your money. I would contact PayPal or your bank first thing Monday morning and get all your money back… or @s7 can just simply unlock the game we’ve all been dumping money into playing.


I think they do a mistake , but can we have a fast answer please ?

For real. Post something saying it’s a mistake and we can all roll back over and start giving them our money again.

Yeah good luck on a quick response. I’ve been waiting for one for two days now. Sad thing I was having a convo with s7 staff on a nothing topic and then he just never responded back. @campuslifer

On top of all the good stuff, also I’m not sure if this update aimed to reduce the estimated wait time for 2v2s (from what seems to be infinity at the moment), or vice versa. I’m a bit lost there!

I just wanted to say , if they ask for stars we have already unlock it’s not normal so it’s a mistake , and they have to fix it fast

Sorry, we had a bug. I believe this should be fixed now.

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Yep :+1:

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