All Chests are EMPTY

I opened my Big box and pvp chests but there is nothing in it. I opened 4 box. And i Received nothing i think

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im trying to upload SS but upload button doesn’t working at all

I’m having the same error. Opening a chest shows nothing and locks the game. I have to close the app and restart after each chest opening. Queue times have more than doubled since the last patch. Anyone else experiencing this?

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mine too im also restarting game

I’m new to the game. Chest are empty and freezes the game, trying to join an alliance and it’s just gets stuck with no luck of joining, once I start the battle it just takes forever and the ticket refill time is off. It’s a hot mess.

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I have the same issue, every time I open a chest it basically freezes with no cards. But when I open the app again the cards have been given to me:/

Devs this post should be top priority right now. These are newer players that are having issues with the game. Please take care of our lower ranked players so they can move up in rank and enjoy playing the game

Nah im Gold and still having this problem. So rank doesn’t matter just random i think

Clearly by the no response they’re busy with every other dumpster fire they started for themselves.

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Well I meant newer players than myself or champions

I wouldn’t be surprised if they took the weekend off. Probably won’t see them until Tuesday

Hahaha. I love that word. Dumpsterfire

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Hi all

There always has been an issue where occasionally our server takes a while to tell your phone the results when you open a chest. But in the past this problem only happened once in a while. Unfortunately, with our most recent update v2.20, with the whole new level progression feature we’re had to add so many new hooks that need to be processed on the server when you open a chest. The server now takes a long time - way more often than it used to - making this lag occur way too often.

For sure fixing this is our highest priority project right now. The engineers who developed the feature have already coded up the fix, but it can’t be rolled out until the next app update comes out. I can’t provide an ETA for when the app update will go live because there’s too many variables out of our control (eg sometimes Apple app review requests many rounds of changes before approving our update.)

Aside: We don’t have any official staff working on the weekend. Some of us take time away to respond to the forum because we decide we want to but it’s in no way an expectation (I’m currently typing this response in the dark on my phone with my daughter in my other arm :sweat_smile:). Even on weekdays, this forum is not a formal support channel — please file a zendesk ticket in the app where we have a staff of hardworking people dedicated to fielding the tickets.


This evening our engineering team rolled out a workaround on our server. Our hope is that this works as well as if used to now. I’m sorry this was happening to you in the first place. Please reply to this thread let me know if you are experiencing better results or if you are still having problems. We’ll keep digging if you are still having an issue.

Its okey now i can open boxed now

Hmmm this is so wierd now its empty and game freezes again.

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