Again with the stupid

Val bots and ant drones turn into scouts? Just like the ice acolytes I spend 2 energy on? That’s just idiotic.

Whoever designs these things is a moron, full stop :rage:

I’m totally confused. My level 14 Ice Acolytes turn to scouts but my opponents level 12 Ice A’s turn to scepters?


Yeah I’m not sure what’s going on with this. It’s not at all clear what “power” means in the rules, nor which units turn into what. Two words: Phoned. In.


Yeah, this event is FUBARed. Just random morphing of units , no consistency. Nice card draws too. How the fack does anyone do anything starting with 3 suit ups, 2 mimics…then another suit up? Seriously facked. Do better. Level 14 ice acolyte morphs to a scout and promptly gets destroyed by a little former Val bot…that also became a scout. Wtf?


Ditto on this. It’s inconsistent. Some games, my Ice Acolytes turn into Specters, and other games into Scouts. It’s impossible to play strategically when I can’t predict what the Forge will do. I understand ants and Val’s bots turning into a single scout, but I’m playing a more valuable card to get it turned into something useless and 1/2 the value. And like you pointed out, the knife doesn’t cut both ways. Frequently my opponent gets the better unit on the deal. Any thoughts, devs?


+1 and more

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I wanted to resurrect this thread to say, for my part, today’s event seems much improved. The card selection is well thought out. It does seem to favor Val again, but less so than previous incarnations of the event, and the featured units are still a bit heavy handed. Overall, though, this one isn’t nearly as aggravating as the last few :+1:

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I partly agree. I would just dispute what you said about Val. There aren’t enough ground unit options to take out the Val bots. They group up so fast and that little shield shooter thing does virtually zero damage so it doesn’t help much

At the risk of giving away my build weaknesses, countering the bot rush that comes in the beginning can be done with a sentinel or a pain cloud.

I actually think the current event turned out pretty well in the fun dept!


Agreed! Let’s keep the trend going this weekend :wink:

Definitely enjoying this one. My favorite was the reforged event that turned everything into Goo Dogs. Lots of chaos.


Big step backward on this one, folks. 4 typhoons? How could you possibly imagine anything else will matter but typhoon level and card draw order?

And really, the card draw situation is making the game completely unplayable, and it’s affecting every play mode.

It you are referring to being tech locked to start. You are so right. No tech 1 units to begin is brutal.

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