Adventure bosses

I like the idea it does kinda promote team work to get everyone’s mines up and running and we only have to go through it once but I have a couple issues with it.

  1. The player joining should get some type of reward for helping out. I found myself playing a lot of these for literally nothing in return and it feels like I’m being slighted for wanting to help. At least in the old system both players got a reward.

2 . I think you should allow players to help more than once per level. In the beginning sure finding 5 different players to help is fine but if this keeps scaling we’re gonna have to find 19 different teamates to complete each boss? It seems a little much especially since commanders are restricted.

3 . Commander restrictions I’m assuming you guys are trying to coerce people into using and leveling all 3 factions but for most of us especially as bosses get difficult it’s going to be hard to find partners to match and play with to complete the higher level bosses even if it’s our main faction.

Thanks for reading

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I agree with everything, but the different commander thing probably comes from the fact that most of the bosses are taken from the campaign (if memory serves me correctly), so they probably put all bosses in a playlist without changing the restriction.

I agree. I would also add that I think a solo option is necessary. This would alleviate some of the issue with finding a partner to run it with. Also. Maybe increase the mine reload time. Instead of collecting every hour. Make it every 6 hours and multiply the reward by 6 to make up for it. But my main concern is finding a partner to run them with when you can’t use the same player twice and there is no incentive for the person that joins to help

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I agree with everything said. I’d like to add the amount of grinding is asinine


Indeed, maybe make it how boss blitz used to be, if no one joined within 10 seconds, you could go solo at it…?


Solo option!

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