Add unit levels?

Hey it’s me again! So little bit of a different approach to the coin problem here. I was thinking that the max level of units could possibly go higher and all the upgrade prices go down for lower levels because there is an insane jump in what you need when you reach lv 10 with the units. I know that y’all aren’t changing the increase of coins so maybe this is a good way for higher levels to compete more and give people a chance to not grind for days for one upgrade. I personally think it’s a win win for higher ups and mid level players so that it’s cheaper to upgrade put need to go up more levels. It also makes elite worth having because I’m going to stop my membership soon because no point in having instant upgrades if it takes longer to get the coins than the upgrade time. Just saying.


They did that once before I think distributed the pricing differently. I don’t recall the details it was right around when I started playing the game. Right now is not a good time to expand the top end.

I agree that it isnt the solution to all the problems that are in game. We do need more coins because the wait time on chests in long and barely rewarding this is simply another solution. I do like the PVE idea you stated( There is no coin shortage. We do not need higher coin income )but that would just have coin income go way up. Maybe if you got 10 coins for every stage cleared or if there were tickets because you could farm for hours and level up like crazy. This game is more of a strategy and luck of the draw game, don’t want it to become people mindlessly farming because that would turn this game in yet another direction.

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Sorry if they add more unit levels at this time I will quit immediately and I’m sure I’m not alone.

I personally don’t think that it’s time to raise the card level cap, but it is one of the “dials” we can turn to adjust the economy model.

Not now of course but maybe in the future

I agree. Something needs to be done about coins. It just doesn’t make since for anyone to continue purchasing elite if it takes a week to save up enough coin for one upgrade. Also, I think we need to work on campaign. My campaign has been complete since the first week I started playing this game and it’s pretty much useless now since I can’t even go back to play the levels I’ve already beaten. I know people are concerned about farming, but maybe there is a way to open up campaign for coins but put a limit perhaps a 1-3 plays per day max on each level. I really hope the devs are looking into ways to make coins more accessible so people can feel like they are achieving progress when they play instead of feeling like they need to grind for a week for one or two upgrades that make minimal impact in overall game play

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That’s a good idea… campaign hasn’t been updated in a while. Not that I know of… no new worlds to do

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We have a new campaign-like but endless PvE mode on the drawing board. Nothing shareable yet, and it is a ways off, but it’s definitely something we also think would be fun to add.

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Idea——-> Deck test idea/ more deck slots

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