Add seasonal cards to extend Level Rewards?

So I’ve seen feedback that some of the currency issues came about via a desire from the dev team to slow the pace of advancement to avoid running out of content. On the other hand newer players that joined during or missed out on earlier seasons are having a hard time not being able to advance season cards or get older ones at all.

Would it make sense to just extend the level rewards system with seasonal cards from older seasons? I’m thinking if the seasonal cards were spread out, say a new card every 3-5 levels, that’s 27-45 new levels that could be advanced through per season. Cards would then be added to chests from there per usual Level Rewards behavior.

Reward level doesn’t seem to dictate much else in the game, at it would at least give players a way to grind their way to more copies of these cards. People who wanted to pay for those as special promotions in the store could still do so to speed the process.


Someday we will have the cards from older seasons come back.

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Any idea when? Admittedly if I were a new player realizing there are exclusive and critical cards that I have no way to obtain I’d uninstall immediately, or at the very least I wouldn’t spend because I wouldn’t want to get to ranks with those cards. Not good for the growth of the game. I’d even argue a full season is way to long to maintain exclusivity. Ideally it should be an additional release each season that follows roughly the same schedule as the rarity tiers unlocking with special packs to go with the release.


Give people a reason to want to earn them through the season trees without making git absolutely necessary to do to obtain those critical units and be able to Still stand a chance as you level up and progress through the ranks.

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May the gods help me; y’all need to be schooled on how to talk to and inform your player base about things.


Or at least say, hey; I’ll bring your ideas up with the others, but at this time, maybe they’ll come back…

Ya know!?

If I leave; and my playing is WAY down these days; it’s because I’ve communicated with the developers or employees of; and have no desire to support their business mentality.

You see S7CampusLifer this is the nonsense that pisses off the players, you make a comment like that dangling the hope of the cards out there with no timeline. It’s just a tease to keep people on the hook. If you guys put out a timeline we might not agree with it but you wouldn’t be baiting your player base and people could plan for it. And don’t tell me you can’t give timelines because that’s not a new feature it’s flipping a switch to make existing cards available.

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I don’t have any more information than what I’ve stated already.

Here’s what I wrote on the subject previously

We plan to do something around this, but right now we’re focused on working on a matchmaking revamp and are struggling to deliver that quickly enough without adding more scope to the next app update.

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