Add AIR commanders

Look we only have GROUND commanders and I what AIR commanders

Cool idea! An arch angel?

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People still far away to have maxed everything… when new commander would be introduced, it will need to done with caution to not break game faction strength balanced. Spontaneously, you could tend for an ascension flying commander. That would be bad as other factions have too low amount of versatile units to it vs amount of damage/health of a commander. Rogue could be good as having limited air units; ascension could easily counter, while if health would not be exagerated, maybe legion too.

But firstly why don’t you make Avasa jump on to ride that big robot when played instead of having her controlling it from the base. It will be a lots more cool!! :grin:

I like this idea. Another idea I have is a commander that puts a new set of barriers up when called and draws 3 cards immediately.


Nice idea what dose it do? And what faction?
Idea for rouge: name hikana commander ability sends in 1 high damage high energy costing bomb commander summon draws 2 cards and clears area not including barriers or bases attack shoots low but Quick fire

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