Acquiring 'available' units

So 2 months in and certain units ‘available’ yet never appearing. How the blazes do I get my, eg, soul thief which has been available for 2 wks now? Gazillion multiplayers etc and nada in the chests.

Legendary units, like Soul Thief, appear very infrequently. The best places to get them are from the shop and from monthly shipments, which is where I got my first one.

Cool. Thanks very much.

Or you can buy them in the deals section when they randomly become available.

That’s the only way to 100% get a specific unit rather than relying on luck. You just have to be patient.

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Guess what! As if two weeks ago, with the new system the answer is “just keep leveling up to earn new units.”

You level up by doing battles, upgrading units and doing quests.