Abusive Player round 2


I am once again writing in response to some extraordinarily abusive behavior in chat, BIGBLUNT is a player in this game, i believe he is a level 25, that has continued to spread hate speech targeting individuals in game and needs to be brought to your attention. I will be adding a screen shot of his direct messages to me which should suffice, but I am also prepared to add global chat screenshots as well.

I had previously written in about another player with similar tendencies and I thank you for taking action in removing that player. Sadly again, of no fault of yours, the devs, we need to take action against another player to protect the great community that has been established here in Wild Beyond. Thank you for your support and open ears, lookin forward to your reply


It appears the “choose file” button is not working properly to select a picture from my device as well…If you could, please follow up with me and i will supply the pictures


Kuma is correct, 86 the troll

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Hate, racism, sexism has no place in life and in this game. Immediate discipline is the only response. It sickens me to read it and can only imagine how the targeted player feels. The community is healthy here in game but to remain so zero tolerance is needed to exclude the few that are not. I fully support action on this.


Also…there is an extreme lack of consistency in the code of conduct, u allow trolls, hate mongers, and bigots free reign, user names like ‘swallowmycum’ are accepted, and while I may have a dark sense of humor, how am I being reprimanded with zero explanation as to what my egregious behavior was? Never have I ever said even a shade of the appalling, racist, bigoted bs that gets allowed on global for way too long, you guys can, and should do better.


Thanks for the heads up - we take all reports of inappropriate behavior seriously.

We took the time to implement an in-game “report chat abuse” function. Please report inappropriate chats using the available chat reporting tool (by tapping on the player’s name in the chat interface) so that we have an internal record of the chat, as opposed to just a screenshot.

You can always report a player from the chat by doing the following:

  1. Tap on their name in the world or team chat

  2. Tap on the “Report” icon below the “Gift” icon

  3. Tap on the “Report and Block” button

  4. Select the type of abusive behavior and tap on the background

  5. Then enter a description and tap on “Report Abuse”

This will automatically block the player and report his or her violation. Thanks for helping us keep a safe and fun community!

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In this specific case, we received reports of this player’s chat behavior and processed the case ~12 hours ago.

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Ok, thank you, please keep me posted on what decision was made. I start a forum thread for the more serious matters as i am aware that reports, just or unjust, come across your table on the regular, such is online life that encompasses various age ranges. As someone who has contributed to the funding of this game, it would be greatly appreciated. I understand your position as well. I just want to make sure that this community remains protected and stays very much alive and well as I am sure you do too. Thank you

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Hi @ҡȗṃåҡıṭṡȗṅє

We are 100% aligned that people using hates speech, racial slurs and abusive behavior on chat is completely unacceptable. If a report of such behavior is sent to us, we generally take action as soon as we are aware of it. Depending on the severity of the behavior, the action could range from the player could be given a 1-day chat ban + warning, or they could get completely banned from the game.

We take this very seriously and apply our policy as soon as we are aware of a problem.


Awesome, thank you very much and keep up the good work on improving the game

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