A weird and potentially game breaking error

@S7CampusLifer @S7Dave

Whenever I try to grab the reward for the Saturday daily quest I suddenly get a popup that says your internet as stopped working and the game resets and the reward is still there. I can talk in guild and I can go to and post in the forums. Haven’t yet tried to play a match or an event or buy something from store or upgrade. This is weird and my internet is fine.

It happens on both WiFi and wireless connections and I’ve tried rebooting my iPad completely.

To update: I am able to play the event, I was able to get an event reward without crashing. I went back to the quest screen and got the daily reward and hen shifted back to the quilt chat and it seemed ok but as soon as I typed a message in guild it happened again. Now here is another odd thing my message to the guild went through and while the popup that said I had no internet was up someone in the guild happened to request a 2v2 and that box popped up. Others in guild are telling me they have the same issue occurring.

Update #2: I can do arenas, other things seem fine, as of right now only claiming the reward from the Saturday Daily Quest is triggering it. Everyone in my guild is saying they have the same issue and some people in global as well.


Bump… can someone at least respond and recognize the bug and give us something about potential fix, it’s still happening. S7CampusLifer has replied to a heck of a lot of posts since I reported this so I know he’s around.

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I have this issue as well.

@S7campusLifer @S7Dave Same issue here.

Thank you for reporting this bug. We’ll get this fixed. If you missed out on a quest reward please take a screenshot and send it to our support through the “contact us” link in the app.

Thank you for replying, I am concerned that the bug may repeat itself with the next daily quest as well.

If i try to open any chest game crashes

Hi Guys,

Virtually everyone will have lost out on chests by now … you should just do a one time gift once you’ve sorted this out to make it up to everyone, rather than forcing each person to take the time to post to you.

A lot won’t and will simply leave.

Will followup here: Daily diamonds quest broken [will fix Monday]

tl;dr – We’ll fix the bug and credit the diamonds players were unable to collect Monday. Sorry for the trouble in the meantime.