A suggestion for S7 for 2v2s that Rank in Arenas

As I’ve been saying, the arenas are Genius. Yes, some things still need to be tweaked. Overall, the Strange 7s team is doing a phenomenal job on their efforts here to refine the game to make enjoyable for everyone. My suggestion, I see the arenas as excellent playing field for 2v2s also because of the caps on levels. Making it an option to play 1v1 or 2v2 in the arenas would be splendid. So if my teammate and I want to try our deck in any arena …everyone will be that certain level playing.


2v2 should be ELO based , haha

I agree with Sedona it would be a good idea


2v2 in the arenas would be a huge win for everyone. It would allow us to play with our friends FOR SOMETHING. Right now there doesn’t seem like there’s any point for 2v2.
The ranking system similar to what used to be in place is needed for a game like this. This was a highly competitive game and That kept people playing. I know for myself, I would play a ton every day so that I could climb the leaderboard… I was determined to be top 10 and I spent hours a day on this game (and tons of money) to try and achieve that.


This is a genius idea and I hope S7 sees this because this would keep the game enticing


Agreed. Personally, I’m one of the many people who barely touch the arena because it is boring and seems pointless. I liked playing with my friends, period. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I never particularly liked 1v1 it lacks strategy and is about power builds. I do better there with my low level Roxie deck then my high level Avasa or Kuro decks because Roxie is so damn overpowered in 1v1. In 2v2 you had strategic play based on you and your partner overcoming a different twosome.


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