A round of applause for the S7 Team

Nope. No sarcasm attached to this (I know, very odd coming from me :joy:)

I seriously applaud the devs with this new update. I think the game might be saved. I actually don’t have a single negative thing to say about anything I read. And from what I’m seeing on global, everyone seems to be excited.

@S7campusLifer I know you’re on here more than other team members, so please pass along my personal congratulations to them for giving us all something to get pumped about. Y’all seriously just saved the game. Thank you.


I’m very excited to this new update too🤩
And when this update will be released?:grin:

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Same I’m patiently waiting nothing bad or negative :-1:t4: to say.thanks S7 for listing and putting up with our crap

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Yep it look exciting. I will miss not being able to play the same player twice in 2v2 though - no chance to get your own back if the cards fall badly.

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Tons of big changes but I agree I think this will be a great leap into the right direction! Can’t wait until it’s released. Can’t wait to tear it up with the gang in 2v2 :metal:t4:


They don’t really have an estimated time that the update will be available. They send it off to Apple and have to wait for them to approve it before the update is live.

Nice fucking job S7! Now don’t mess it up again! Looking forward to experience the new update!


J/k, excited about the release when it drops. Good job!


Thanks folks! The team has been working really hard on the update, so its nice to hear positive feedback. Please continue to share your thoughts and suggestions so we can improve the game! @Holeesmokes there is a chance we actually fixed that too :smiley:, we had to do a lot of work on the badging to work with the new home screen; not 100% sure though!


It looks decent, the conversion to the new levels seems a bit confusing, I’m sure it will be less so when it comes in. I’m not sure what I think about the dust going up for epic and legendaries, mostly because Most of the cards I need to upgrade are those levels and dust is too rare and the system really hosed us when you took away most of our cards. It would have been fine if you had just left us with the cards.

For higher level players the dust cost for the epics and legendaries shouldn’t change much. As previously, the dust cost for a particular rarity after the first upgrade or two is the same across all rarities. The increased cost is just that the legendaries and epics start fewer total upgrades ahead of the rares and commons than in the previous system, so they ‘skip’ fewer of the early dust costs in the early upgrades.

@S7Dragon. Didn’t see anything about rankings like we had previously with gold/diamond etc but I did see where you could add a rank for incoming alliance applicants. Will this be the ranking in the “servers”? So perhaps multiple ranks for each person?

Also, I have enough cards to upgrade some units to level 17… several actually, would you recommend we upgrade now or will the change with coins/dust actually benefit us to wait? Thanks for all the work I’m sure you all have put into this. Excited for the release.

@Holeesmokes. Must be user error. My red dot :red_circle: goes away. :rofl:

I would probably upgrade to 17 now since we tried to structure the upgrade to make no one regret having upgraded, including the free ‘in-between’ coin only levels?

Hi @S7Dragon! Not sure to catch here. That is confusing that you are saying that upgrading costs should remain the same, but then mention that upgrading before new version will be cheaper… can you please precise? Also can you precise the future coins cap per day? Will it be more than 30,4k time 400, if we translate current to new system? Just asking as you introduced so many new ways to get coins. Thanks for feedback

I know the Apple approval process is out of your hands, but do you have a sense when the release will drop for their review?

I don’t quite understand the advice to upgrade now, if it’s the same later but our coin goes up more if we have it now then if we earn it later x800 vs x400 doesn’t it make sense to wait?

Sorry folks, I was incorrect about upgrading now vs. later - it should be about equivalent so you can do as you please with upgrades. Apologies again! @Trident


The hype is real! looks really good. However, I woulda loved to have seen the ability to play boss battles solo. Waiting around for team mates is killer and even if you’ve someone on to help. Most of us do not want to sit there and trade 1 win for 1 teammate win back and forth for 30mins just to get 6-7 wins each. Its very time consuming for something that doesnt yield much. I know this has been brought up before but it was disappointing to not see a change added here. That being said I do love the look of this update and much applause for the devs is welcome.

Attempting gold mine bosses solo is something that we looked at, but unfortunately it is a big scope change (i.e., would take a lot of time investment to fix) because the way you level up the bosses is set up assuming you are doing it 2v2 and we’d have to make significant structural changes to allow solo play. We decided to prioritize other features instead for this submit, but it is something we will be considering in the future. Glad you like the rest of the update!