A couple ideas I had

I’m not sure what the plans are for the future, whether or not there will be new commanders, but I had an idea for one. It would be a Rogue commander with their card (not commander) being a 1-cost air unit, super weak, but flying.

Also, it would be cool if there were more options for alliance banners.

Definitely not high priorities, but still would be nice eventually.


We’re already prototyping some new Commanders, but keep the ideas coming!

I like the rogue idea!

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How about a repair commander in legion who remotely fixes their own units when they are placed on the field? Not too much healing but some over all friendly units on the field and then good defense for the commander but low or no attack. It’d be cool if we had a commander that is more passive and stays in the base behind shields and to try and get them out fast for an early game advantage.

Giga’s Nano shield is already similar to healing at-a-distance, so the Legion mechanic we’re prototyping (not necessarily a commander ability) tries to distinguish itself from that.

Gigas does when the cards are played, I don’t have a specific idea for the card that would be used but I mean a healing/passive commander that doesn’t attack and you try to protect for either an attack boost, health boost or anything that uses the commander in a different way than just sending it out to battle, generals normally stay in the back so instead of a commander it could be like a military general, like the legions general I guess, idk, just a thought

I see. Are you envisioning something like a Medic Drone building?

it Sounds more like he means a tanky unit that heals instead of attacks but also has an aura effect for combat similar to that of roxie or Nash. i picture a walking medic drone on the scale of avasa without armor that also has some sort of combat enhancing aura. I would say it’s tactic would need to be more agro for balancing purposes but it might work. Would be an interesting way to prevent losing entire boards to things like acid rain or multiple AOE damage cards like grenade or missile but would still allow nuke truck to maintain what little integrity it has left with respect to its ability to disperse a crowd

I was actually thinking of nano bots being sent out to heal the robots from the generals position behind the shield but really it’s just a random idea lol

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