8 featured cards

8 featured cards is just too much, it makes most event matches luck of the draw which just isn’t fun. Obviously a big part of this game is building a deck that cycles well even with the randomness to it but with 4 each of the same two cards for events it’s very difficult to overcome that. I get it, you want the events to challenge our comfort zones but can you please reduce the featured cards to a number we could actually put in a deck we built ourselves? I’m so sick of drawing all 4 of a more or less useless card (like freeze or my way under leveled specters) all in the first full hand of 7 cards, it’s ******* ridiculous. Also, I understand the need to boost player/card levels for quicker matches but you really shouldn’t be boosting seasonal cards for them, a) because it’s much easier to level those up than a regular card and b) because often I’m facing boosted players with significantly higher seasonal cards than my own (like specters or troop carriers) which is bull shit, either boost the higher level players seasonal cards to also be an appropriate level or don’t do it for the lower level player, I don’t care which option you go with but in these instances as it stands you are literally giving someone better cards for free than your actual loyal customers get to use for that match, when we’ve actually paid for the levels we’ve obtained (either directly or indirectly by spending on general card levels to improve event payouts) it’s pretty discouraging and frankly unfair.


Dear chucklesboiiii,

We realize many players are unhappy with practically every aspect of our game. Unfortunately we can not make everyone happy so we will continue to strive to please the few and and ignore the many.

Events have not been changed or been touched in 9 months. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we are a smol team and we’ve been working very hard to implement changes our playerbase has told us they don’t want. Did you see update 2.5? We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished with that update!

I have more great news for you. We are currently taking everything we accomplished with update 2.5 and implementing that in events! We have had great feedback about this planned route from at most 3 current players and are very confident this is the correct direction to save the game.

Thank you for reading although I didn’t read your post,


Lol :joy:



That perfectly sums up that generic bs that CampusLifer always tries to feed us.

To be clear the few are the devs who decide these stupid changes are a good idea… not players.

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He told me one day. “ that is an issue we might get around to fixing it eventually”

You hit the nail on the head.

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