2v2 Update

Hi S7, I know you’re busy on the 2v2 update and that it’s way more complicated than 1v1… would be good to have some indication on the progress, eventual timeline.

Possibly you can have a pinned thread for it that we can read. It’s a frequent conversation piece in our alliance, and for me just to be saying that it’s coming with no further info is getting a little tiring :neutral_face:



Sorry, we generally don’t release ETAs as a policy.

In the past, when we’ve tried to do this, it has turned into an unsustainable process of trying to explain why every delay or priority change happened. There’s too many unforeseen circumstances which can change things to keep the entire player base in the loop and we can’t necessarily always release the details to explain why something happens. (e.g., a key developer working on a feature could suddenly have a personal issue causing them to be out, or our app could get stuck in app review for weeks as apple keeps asking for changes.)

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Considering at one point we were told 2.5 would likely take till December and we got the game destroying update 3 months early you would think that fixing the stuff people hate and are quitting over like no 2v2 and no meaningful ranking would come fast too.


Yeah but a freaking progress report every once in a while would be nice. Pretty sure we’ve been asking for transparency from you guys for a while now…

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So cute they took the time to answer an ish-noob, while they disregard the ENTIRE first gen of players as to wtf happened to 2v🥶


Yeah that’s been the typical attitude for a while now unfortunately

I miss my 2v2 battles - it’s really getting dull without multiplayer battles… I sure hope these 20 days is getting progress to 2v2 instead of anything else…


I’m still waiting for 2v2s before I come back as start playing regularly. I miss the teamwork.

EDIT: it looks like 2v2 is coming back in the next update?! I’m so happy.

With you Growth. I only face you in events. I want my 2v. Other games are getting my money until. Haven’t spent a dime here since the game destroyer 2.5.

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