2v2 should really be unranked

…and geared more towards being a way to grind out chests and resources or just bond with the alliance and other players in general. Especially if these new changes to card draw are permanent, which in my opinion if you want to preserve your player base you need to revert back immediately. I’ve seen a dozen top players (in both rank and activity) announce their choice to either step back or walk away entirely from the game at this point. We need a show of good faith or I can’t in good conscience keep telling people they are making a mistake, it’s getting more and more difficult to stay positive with respect to the direction of the game and this is a sentiment that has been beaten into me over time with the environment these changes have created no matter how hard I’ve resisted it. Please help, I don’t know what else to say.


Wonderful idea Chuckles, Kuma approves this message :+1:


chuckles is completely right. I lost so many 2s since the update and only because of my first hand. The first seconds are so very important in this game. the new cards drew is making it impossible for me to go with my main deck, but for me 2s to play is the only thing, what makes all the fun and difference to other app around. plz change it back.


They said it was a bug and would be fix though.

Edit: the issue is that most of what @Chucklesb011 says and the pain points have nothing to do with 2v2 being ranked or not…so I believe that people are going to continue to walk away regardless of that specifically being changed or not.

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I personally like ranked 2v2 it promotes synergy between alliance mates and there’s real stakes to try and do better. I think bad starting hands have always been around and this new “tweak” might just be a bug but that remains to be shown. Whether or not bad hands are given intentionally to punish skilled players remains only a theory. The optimist in me wants to deny that that’s the reality. However, I do think it was a big mistake to change team rankings to coincide with event competition. They should absolutely be separated. This has been putting strain on everyone especially at the top since the only way to win is through dropping a ton of cash. It’s also pushed the already small player base at the top to condense even more which effects normal ranked play since there are fewer teams to face in the queue. The current set up is not sustainable these type of tactics have ruined games before and I really don’t want to see this one go down that road.


You are correct pan, that was more just a new topic to start the conversation so it wasn’t just more of the same, in general it is a plea for help from the developers because my friends are walking away from the only medium we really have for activity and conversation.

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Savvy I do agree with you but it is not the norm and there are a lot of over ranked players, as well as under-ranked and I think 2v2 is responsible for both. I’d also like a neutral space for what MM considers fair matches with experiment decks if they are going to be making such heavy tweaks and 2v2 seems to be a commonplace in other games for that, though friendly challenges tend to be at starting legendary level either across the board or as a cap, which would be nice to see as well.
Most of all, I wanted the tone of my complaints to be more constructive than anything and with the current state of things it’s getting more and more difficult to set a stage for that.

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