2v2 doesn’t work

And…great, I guess that should have been expected. Everything has connection issues.


And as a champion, I keep getting matched with golds in 1v1. This isn’t fair to them


We’re experiencing server problems and all matchmaking queues are having different types of issues. We are hard at work trying to fix it. We will post updates as we have them.

So sorry about this!


It was much better but now is broken.

Yup game is freezing up mid match again. I was so happy last week when I came back last week after 4 months and the game actually worked. But now it’s broken, again, again, again, again, etc…

We believe the 2v2 matching bug has been fixed, thanks for your patience!

I still got no matches in maxed out ranks. It‘s strange.

v2.30 has released a change which should restrict the incidence of “boosting” happening for players with 16-17 cards. Many players are now waiting 15-20 minutes to find matches. We are discussing how to proceed.

It’s simple. I really feel like if you guys would’ve listened to us, this wouldn’t be happening. Boost players but not to the extreme they were being boosted. There’s no reason wait times should be so long.

It’s nuanced, but that’s basically what we did.

It just limits the set of players you can pair with too much.

Look. Can we finally admit the biggest problem is the attrition of the player base in the end game segment is the problem and go from there? Until that’s even recognized as an issue this problem is just going to persist.

I feel like us IOS players are basically the guinea pigs for this game, before it’s released to everyone

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